September 21, 2020

Application Process

The application process is divided into two stages. First, the applicant will be asked to provide certain documents and apply for the MM2H. Once this stage is approved, our company will invite you to come in Malaysia and apply together, we will go through the second stage. By the end of the second stage, the applicant shall already be entitled as a successful applicant. In fact, he/she will be given the 10 years multi-entry visa and benefit from all the incentives the Malaysian Government is offering. The overall length of the application is 3 months + 6 months (depending on speed of the applicant submission of the necessary documents).

Stage 1
We will provide you with the latest information regarding the terms and conditions to foreign citizens who are interested to join the Malaysia My Second Home Programme ( MM2H ).

Then, we will prepare together the application with the required documents for submission to the Immigration / Ministry of Tourism. This includes ensuring that the application form is properly filled up and all the required documents are attached and duly certified.

Next, the applicant will sign a Personal Bond with The Government of Malaysia to guarantee the good conduct of the participants throughout their stay in Malaysia under this programme. We must note that, if the applicant is caught violating the terms and conditions of their stay in Malaysia, it is required to arrange for the immediate deportation of this client back to their respective home country.

After the submission of the entire required document, our company will be informing you and updating you about the status of your application until you receive the Conditional Approval letter from the Immigration Department. Once you receive the Conditional Approval, our company will help you arrange your arrival to Malaysia within the next 6 months. Afterward, we will assist you to gather and prepare the required documents for the stage 2.

Download all required documents to successfully apply for stage 1.

Stage 2
Upon your arrival in Malaysia, transportation and accommodation will be arranged by us.

Then, we will assist you in:

  • Opening a fixed deposit account:

If aged below 50 years old: the applicant is required to open a fixed deposit account of RM300,000 for the period of one year. After that period, the applicant will be able to withdraw up to RM150,000.
If aged 50 years old or above, the applicant is required to open a fixed deposit account of RM150,000 or show a proof of monthly off-shore income of RM10,000 .

  • Arranging for insurance policy and medical report
    ( if required )

All applicants and their dependants are required to submit a medical report†† from any private hospital in Malaysia. After approval, the applicants and their dependants must purchase a medical insurance.

Once your application has been successfully approved by the Ministry of Tourism, we will take you to the immigration Department (or later to the MM2H Centre once the Immigration Departmentís branch is set-up in this centre) to pay the required Visa fees (approx. RM1,000.00) so that you can have your passport stamped with the Malaysia My Second Home sticker.

Finally, as a MM2H participant, we will advise you and alert you on the types of incentives that you can now apply under this programme (e.g. Car, House, Maid, etc).
Please visit the incentive page of our website.

Download all required documents to successfully apply for stage 2.

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